Quiver Connection - A Board Collection From Eric Messier

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I absolutely love snowboarding... I really do. It is the embodiment of all things that I hold close to my heart. Adrenaline, happiness, nature, friendships, travel and adventuring into the un-known. There are so many memorable feelings these planks of wood have given me and the places they've taken me. So here I lay before you my current collection of shred sleds that have had an impact on my life.

Boards (described from left to right)

  • Moss Snowstick "long" 184.5cm

The longest board in my collection. This board maneuvers incredibly well for its size. I absolutely love the shape of this board. Looking down and seeing this boat under my feet brings a huge smile to my face.

  • Moss Snowstick "Performance Quad EX" 160 cm

One of my favorite models in the Moss line up, the PQ. Shaped by Japanese rider Naoto Kotsugai. Poplar & cherry wood top sheet. 

  • Moss Snowstick "Swallow" 162 cm DIY split.

Hand split by Gray Thompson and myself this past fall. Abide by the stride! If you know the simple pleasures of split-boarding, then you can understand why split-boarding is becoming the backcountry enthusiast transport of choice.

  • Moss Snowstick "Performance quad" 154cm (blue & purple)

The shorter version of the before mention PQ60. This is my go-to Moss stick. Love it.

  • Moss Snowstick "MMD" 152 cm

While mmd may stand for mermaid, I like to call it the "made my day" because that's what I say about this board every time I ride it. The graphic reminds me of an 80's skateboard graphic.

  • United Shapes "Cadet" 156cm Artwork by Steven Kimura & Gray Thompson

A gift from my good friend Gray Thompson. This is a sample board from the first run of US boards. Sure to be a collector’s item.

  • Bozwreck "Eric Messier" 157cm Artwork by Hunter Longe (unreleased)

This graphic was inspired by an old Disney cartoon. The images were shot off a computer screen. Though they appear black and white, if you look closely there is glimpse of color from the pixels in the computer screen. I really dig the sugar cube logo on the base. Unfortunately, this board was never released.

  • Technine "Eric Messier" 158cm

This was my first pro model ever. It was an absolute dream to design a snowboard graphic one day. The artwork was inspired by an actual lighter from Tignes France that a friend of mine had. Slightly modified.

  • Technine "Eric Messier" 158cm Artwork by Hunter Longe

Second pro model with Technine. Collage of all the things wild and radical.

  • Technine "Eric Messier" 158 cm

Artwork by Hunter Longe (unreleased)

My last pro model board with Technine. Graphic was inspired by Hunter's personal artwork from that time. The squiggly character's arms and legs spell out "Technine". I was really into the green and orange color combination at the time. You can notice across the board of my T9 pro models.

  • D-Day "Eric Messier" 159cm Artwork by Corey Smith

My first pro model with D-Day. This season I finally got to design a snowboard from the ground up. Larger pointy nose tapering down to a squarish tail. Soft flex. My ideal all around board. Skeleton ripper taking out skier. No I don't hate skiers. I have plenty of good friends who ride 2 planks. This was more a stab at ski resorts like Alta, who still won't allow snowboarding at their mountain. It actually amazes me that some skiers still hate snowboarders that much. Cest la vie

  • D-Day "Eric Messier" 156cm Artwork by Hunter Longe

My second pro model with D-Day. Psychedelic trip. I love the look of the huge eyeballs looking right back at you.

  • D-Day "Eric Messier" 156cm Artwork By Dave Doman (unreleased)

Inspired by an AMF Harley Davidson gas tank from the 1970's. I love the simplicity of this graphic. Clean and classic.

  • Bataleon X Stewart Surfboards "Camel Toe"158cm

A gift from Ryan Scardigli. After meeting Bill Stewart and staying in his studio with the rest of the projectDETOUR crew, this art piece hung on his wall and it stood out to me. When I found out it was on a snowboard I had to have it. It's just a funky graphic and I love it.

  • Gentemstick "Big Fish" Taro Tamai Snow Surf Design 163cm

Gift from Nico Nolan. Bamboo top sheet.

  • M3 "Scotty Wittlake" 156.5 cm Artwork by Scotty Wittlake

Gift from Scotty when I was 17. When this board came out, you could see a number of these boards lighting up the snow at Squaw Valley. Pretty much the whole crew had one. Photo collage of friends including Peter Tankersley, Curtis Woodman, Robbie Sell, Chris Hotel, Brad Kreymer, myself, etc.. I got 2 pictures near the hole pattern which meant a lot to me. Scotty is still one of the most inspirational people I know. I had my first photo published on this board in the 2004 Transworld photo annual.

  • 1992 Burton Air "Craig Kelly"

Gift from Nico Nolan after winning the Retro World Championships at Soda Springs. I love this board. Craig Kelly is a legend. One of my favorite style in snowboarding.

  • Lamar "Mike Ranquet"

This was the board I drooled over when I was a kid first getting into snowboarding. I just recently got this board from a coworker. I freaked when he told me he had it. Now can you sign it for me Mike?

  • Rossignal Mono Ski

Not quite a snowboard but kinda right? Saw this baby at a thrift store and picked it up for cheap. I've only ridden it once and I almost killed myself in the process. These things are incredibly hard to maneuver! Trying to oneday master that trick he's doing on the nose.

  • Hot Snowboard (hard boot)

This was my Dad's first snowboard. He used to ride this thing at Alpine Meadows back when they only allowed snowboarders access to the mountain for night skiing. I have yet to ride this thing, but this will definitely be the year I take this bad boy out for some mean carves.

  • Spring Break "TV Eye" 1 of 1 Hand made by Corey Smith

One of the boards that stands out in my collection is this one. It's incredible how well these handmade boards work. The SB boards reinvented snowboarding for myself.

  • Spring Break "Slush Slasher" 152cm

Original Slush Slasher prototype numbered 17 of 20. Before they were mass produced by Capita. The reverse sidecut model.

  • Grass Roots Pow Surfer "Barracuda" 140 cm

Gift from Jeremy Jensen. Have you tried Pow surfing yet? These binding-less boards are incredibly fun to ride and they make you feel like you're a kid again.

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